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NEW PRODUCT ALERT! Check Out The KEY-BAK® MID6-DUO Retractable Keychain and ID Badge Reel
We love our customers and always listen to their wants and needs. We noticed the number of ID badges and keys they need to carry everyday has been steadily on the rise and recently they have expressed their want for...
Find out How Everyday Mom Teresa Uses the Assure-A-Key To Live a Safer More Confident Life
Teresa is an everyday mom, has 2 kids, and loves her family. In her own words, find out why she uses the KEY-BAK Assure-A-Key Door Touchless Opener and Stylus in this short video:   The Assure-A-Key opens freezer doors at...
What Are The 6 Places You Should Be Using The KEY-BAK® Assure-A-Key™ Touchless Door Opener And Stylus?
There are many things we touch everyday that can carry germs and pathogens that can make us sick. Washing your hands with soap and water is often not an option and using hand sanitizer too frequently dries and irritates the...
8 Reasons Why You Need the KEY-BAK Assure-A-Key Touchless Door Opener And Stylus
In 2020, KEY-BAK, known for the best retractable keychains and ID badge reels launched the Assure-A-Key Touchless Door Opener and Stylus. Internally known as, “The Ocho” within the halls of KEY-BAK, the Assure-A-Key was specifically designed with 8 necessary features...
3 KEY-BAK Products You're Not Aware Of

While you may know about our bestselling KEY-BAK® retractable keychains and badge holders, here are a few products or applications that may not have thought of yet.

The Ideal Retractable Keychain
Storing them in your pocket can be uncomfortable, unsightly, unsafe, and you may end up wasting precious time as you fumble through your pockets. Using a retractable keychain is an easy way of keeping your keys accessible whenever you need them.
The Importance of Retractable Badge Holders

As a medical professional, staying organized is very important. Not only are you responsible for patients, but you’re also tasked with keeping the work environment neat and orderly.

KEY-BAK Introduces the Ratch-It Retractable Keychain
KEY-BAK®, the originator of the retractable key chain, continues its tradition of creating durable products for the security and safety industries by introducing the Ratch-It Retractable Ratcheting key chain.
LOCK48 is Latest Addition KEY-BAK Retractable Keychains
West Coast Corporation, manufacturer of the popular KEY-BAK® line of retractable key chains, launches a new locking retractor with the LOCK48. The special locking feature of the new LOCK48 keeps the cord in place once retracted, and takes tension off the cord further extending the life of the product.
KEY-BAK Adds Muscle with New Xtreme Duty Retractors
West Coast Corporation adds muscle to their product line with the introduction of the new Xtreme Duty Super48 and Securit key retractors. Super48 and Securit are two of KEY-BAK’s most popular retractable key chains.