Tactical & Duty Gear Key Chains

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Snap-In Key Silencer
$ 12.49
KK2 Key-Lock Silencer
$ 16.49
SUPER48 Heavy Duty Retractable Key Chain with Belt Clip or Duty Belt Lea...
From $ 16.99
SUPER48 Plus Heavy Duty Retractable Key Chain with Duty Belt Clip and Ba...
$ 18.99
Original Duty Belt Key Reel
$ 23.49
LOCK48 Locking Retractable Key Chain with Swivel Belt Clip and Removable...
$ 24.95
Original Key Silencer Key Reel
From $ 25.49
Original Uniform Protector Key Reel
From $ 26.49
KEY-BAK Tactical & Duty Gear Key Chains are specifically designed to accommodate 2 1/4" Duty Belts commonly used in Law Enforcement and Security. Our Tactical & Duty Gear Key Chain line of products keep your keys quiet and fully protected on your side at all times.