LOCK48 is Latest Addition KEY-BAK Retractable Keychains

West Coast Corporation, manufacturer of the popular KEY-BAK® line of retractable key chains, launches a new locking retractor with the LOCK48. The special locking feature of the new LOCK48 keeps the cord in place once retracted, and takes tension off the cord further extending the life of the product. The LOCK48 was designed to make life easier for people using keys and small tools in a variety of professions and also in casual, everyday use.

The LOCK48 is handsomely designed and comes standard with a tough Kevlar® cord with a reach of 48” designed to hold up to 8 oz or 15 keys. The case is made of durable polycarbonate making it corrosion and impact resistant. The LOCK48 is 2” in diameter making it easy to carry, and comes with a detachable split ring attachment. In addition, KEY-BAK® offers a variety of accessory packs allowing you to interchange the end fittings to accommodate most any products, ensuring you never lose your phone, keys or small tools again.

The new LOCK48 features a Lifetime Service Policy, has been tested to over 1 million pulls, and offers quality, convenience, affordability and practicality. The new LOCK48 is currently available for sale on the KEY-BAK® website, Amazon.com, and a variety of retailers nationwide.

About West Coast Corporation

Founded in 1948 West Coast Corporation is the manufacturer of the popular KEY-BAK® self-retracting key chain, which is known around the world by working people who use keys as part of their job. The T-REIGN® and Boomerang Tool Company® brands support outdoor and recreational use with retractable gear tethers, hunting and fishing tools and necessities. An employee-owned company by means of its ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan), West Coast Corporation serves customers worldwide from its headquarters in Southern California. To learn more please visit www.wcc-mfg.com.

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