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Leading the Charge on Tool Lanyards
As an ISEA committee member working to educate industry on Dropped Object Prevention, we’re proud to be a part of ISEA’s new working at height safety campaign and leading the charge on tool lanyards and tool tethering solutions.
What You Need to Know About Tool Lanyards
Since the launch, there ANSI/ISEA 121 committee members like those of us at KEY-BAK PRO have seen the groundswell of enthusiasm about such an important safety standard, yet there are still obstacles preventing many safety professionals from launching their own tool tethering program.
ANSI Approves Tool Tethering Standard
The Committee has just been notified that ANSI has approved the work done by ISEA and adopted our dropped object prevention standard as an American national standard, effective July 2nd, 2018.
3 Real Life Stores that Will Convince Anyone They Need Tool Lanyards
I've just returned home from another great expo at ASSP, American Society of Safety Professionals in San Antonio, Texas. All of us on the ISEA Committee were pleased to see so much enthusiasm around dropped object prevention this year and the Riverwalk never disappoints.
Do you have $1.5M you want to drop off a building?
Do you have $1.5M you want to drop off a building?  That was the average cost to each company that had a fatal accident in 2015 due to struck by falling object according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics*. And that is just for 1 accident.
KEY-BAK PRO Launches New Dropped Object Prevention Tool Attachments
KEY-BAK Pro is proud to announce the expansion of our ToolMate line of Dropped Object Preventative (DOP) solutions. Available starting today KEY-BAK Pro has available for purchase 4 brand new tool attachments, tool attachment tape, and 4 heavy weight tool lanyards.
The Difference Between Fall Protection and Dropped Object Prevention

Fall protection focuses on the individual worker and is part their PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Fall protection generally includes a harness, single or dual lanyard and anchor, and may also be used in conjunction with additional lifelines (vertical or horizontal) or anchor beams.