Find out How Everyday Mom Teresa Uses the Assure-A-Key To Live a Safer More Confident Life

Teresa is an everyday mom, has 2 kids, and loves her family. In her own words, find out why she uses the KEY-BAK Assure-A-Key Door Touchless Opener and Stylus in this short video:


The Assure-A-Key opens freezer doors at the super market, keeping Teresa's hands away from potential bacteria and viruses.

At checkout, she uses the Assure-A-Key with soft stylus tip to sign the credit card reader.

When she's back in her car, Teresa does a quick spray of hand sanitizer and wipes down the Assure-A-Key making sure nothing is left to harm herself or her family. The Assure-A-Key keeps her had off of doors, handles, signature pads and germs. She keeps it attached to the outside of her purse so any hitchhikers she's picked up along the way are kept separate from her wallet, her makeup and snacks for the kids. While there is always a risk of infection anytime you leave your home, the Assure-A-Key is a tool to reduce the chance she brings home more than groceries.

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