What Are The 6 Places You Should Be Using The KEY-BAK® Assure-A-Key™ Touchless Door Opener And Stylus?

There are many things we touch everyday that can carry germs and pathogens that can make us sick. Washing your hands with soap and water is often not an option and using hand sanitizer too frequently dries and irritates the skin, if you have it available. Instead, use the Assure-A-Key Touchless Door Opener and Stylus to put a barrier between yourself and high touch surfaces that can make you sick.

Our ergonomic touchless door openers and keypad utility tool was created for use on high-touch surfaces. Crafted out of Zinc Alloy with brushed nickel plating, this life-changing tool has been engineered with 8 features to help live life more confidently.  The Assure-A-Key is a must have when coming in contact with these high touch surfaces that can get you sick.

1. Pushing or Pulling Open Doors

Whether it's getting in the front door of the building, opening you're office, or a public restroom doors, door handles and push bars are touched countless times a day and be vectors of transmission for bacteria and viruses. The Assure-A-Key's anti-slip design easily turn door handles, pulls and pushes open doors and then retracts back to your belt or purse, ready the next time you need it.  

2. Gas Pump Keypad

Does anyone look forward to typing in your zip code or selecting the fuel grade when gassing up? Who knows who's been there before or when was the last time someone had cleaned them...if ever. Keeping the Assure-A-Key by your side means you can confident pay for premium (or regular) without the worry of taking with you something a "little" extra.

3. Elevator Buttons

Just 1 button to call the elevator, and 1 more to select a floor, how risky or dirty can it be right? In reality, probably the same mass of people who opened the front door shrunk down to a 1inch diameter circle. The Assure-A-Key helps ensure you can get to where you're going without picking up germs or worse.

4. ATM Keypads and Touchscreens

Getting cash? Similar to gas station keypads, punching in your pin code opens the risk of touching everyone who was there before you. What may be worse, when the cash is dispensed, you can transfer bacteria and viruses from the keypad to the bills themselves. Prevent picking up germs in the 1st place and only use the Assure-A-Key to complete your transaction.  

5. Pay-At-The-Table and Game Tablets

Popular in chain restaurants, the interactive table tablet can order you drinks from the bar, get into a trivia game, and can be covered with germs. Prevent picking up a bug when picking up the check with the Assure-A-Key's soft stylus tip engineered to work with touchscreens.

6. Opening Bottles

OK, so opening a bottle of beer after a long day probably isn't a big risk of passing on germs unless you're at a neighbors backyard BBQ. If you're going to carry with you a touchless door opener and stylus, it might as well open bottles too.  

Want to learn more about the Assure-A-Key Touchless Door Opener and Stylus, check out our product page.  

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