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SUPER48 Heavy Duty Retractable Keychain with Ball-Joint Lock

Keep it sanitary

The old way of keeping my name badge and slide keys on a lanyard was unsanitary as a maintenance professional. Also, it could be very dangerous to have a lanyard around my neck. This keeps my credentials close and always on my side.

SIDEKICK® Twist-Free Carabiner Retractable Keychain and Badge Reel That Holds Up to 5 Keys and ID Badge

KEY-BAK Original Series Retractable Keychain in Vintage Chrome or Vinyl Black

Nice product

Works very well and is compact. Wonderful that it’s made in the USA which is the main reason for its purchase.

Longtime Customer

Why did I wait so long. Buy one today!!!

Exactly What I Needed

The retractable keychain was exactly what I needed. I use it to anchor my wallet to the inside of my purse. You can tell that it's made well and not some cheap, mass produced product. The cut resistant cord is a good detail too. I bought a few in different colors and highly recommend them.

KEY-BAK Original Series Retractable Keychain in Vintage Chrome or Vinyl Black

They're so great, we had to come back for more!

I have bought retractable lanyards before and they didn't hold up.... but when I found this company, and explained the problems we were having with ours, they recommended these. Huge difference! Never a single problem with any of them now! When we ended up hiring more staff, we didn't bother running to the big box store... we contacted this company once again and ordered more!

Great company

Work done by this company is sharp , meticulous . It’s a great company.

The Carabiner could be a little better quality and the badge hangs a little low. Otherwise happy with it.

Very durable

I bought the SIDEKICK® TWIST-FREE CARABINER RETRACTABLE KEYCHAIN on Amazon, which made it easy to verify how long it's been in service. Yesterday while heading to my barn it finally failed. The Kevlar line detached at the keys end. It lasted one week shy of SIX YEARS PLUS ONE MONTH! I used it nearly everyday. New one arrives tomorrow but the local locksmith told me that this retractable keychain may have a lifetime warranty so I'll be looking into that. OVER 6 years and around $10.

This is an Amazing product!

I need to have alot of keys immediately available to me at my job. This Key-Bac is reliable and sturdy!

Does the Job

I've found that the chain/Kevlar thread tends to last 2-3 years then needs replacing. Key-Bak has been good about replacing the key-chain when this happens at no charge. I ordered the black and they sent me the chrome version. Not a big deal.With all the keys I use daily, I don't know how I'd survive without the Key-Bak.

Retract-A-Badge® Round Badge Holder (5-Pack)

Holds up well

Product as whole is very well built. Belt clip holds it in place firmly. Very easy to use with one hand. Would recommend

It never dies.

I was given one of the Xtreme versions of this by a co-worker, since he'd ordered 3 (thinking that they'd break over time, but his first one never did)... I used that thing continually at work... my employer was lock-crazy... locks on every door, elevator locks, escalator locks... I likely pulled the keys out about 200 times per day, being on the watch.

The locking knob broke due to the stress of three heavy keyrings (more than 30 keys) constantly swinging as I walked more than 20 miles per day, so I cut it off the cord very carefully with a Dremel because it was abrading the cord each time I pulled the keys out. The bottom part of the plastic part that holds the key ring got crushed and cracked during some heavy work... I cut it off the cord, tied the cord around a small washer, dabbed some superglue on the knot so it couldn't come undone, put the key rings through the washer, and it worked as good as new. 10 years of use and it's still usable. I'll use it until the cord snaps (then I'll install a new cord) or until the spring snaps (then I'll install a new spring).

It’s seen Hell and back!

After 5 grueling years working daily, countless times being washed in the laundry My Keybak finally broke, just goes to show you how long these last! Definitely worth the money! It still works fine I just can’t clip it to my uniform anymore..

Outstanding!! It actually does what it was built to do…and it feels well made too!!

Good not Great

Would like a different connection for my belt. I clued a Nite Ize clip on it to bring it up even with my belt.

KEY-BAK Original Series Retractable Keychain in Vintage Chrome or Vinyl Black

Seamless transition of power

Exact replacement for the one I'd had since 2018. Thumbs up.

Simply Awesome!!

Product is as advertised and then some. I actually think I may have over ordered as it is handling the purpose purchased for well and above what is currently required.

Good product and great company to work with!