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SUPER48 Heavy Duty Retractable Keychain with Belt Clip or Duty Belt Leather Loop and Ball-Joint Key Ring Lock

quality item

I was using the Maxpedition retractable keychain for a couple years and it finally broke. I replaced it with the Key-Bak unit , I felt immediately that it was a better quality item. It's built very sturdy, the cord it thicker and the retractable spring is stronger, and it cost less than the Maxpedition unit. I was very impressed with Key-Bar retractable keychain.

for walking stick

I got this to work an a retractable keeper for a walking stick while fishing. I have yet to put it to the test but my initial concern was that the spring would not be strong enough to hold the stick. The bench test passed with flying colors. Was pleased to buy American

SUPER48 Heavy Duty Retractable Keychain with Belt Clip or Duty Belt Leather Loop and Ball-Joint Key Ring Lock

Awesome for school administrator! Never misplace your keys again.

Just get this one. Mine lasted 8 years with constant use. And when the rope broke, no questions asked- with shipping, just half of retail price for replacement. Great product-great company. Thank you KEY-BAK!

Nice heavy duty reel

Badge reel is exceptional. Only improvement would be the plastic tab that holds the badge. Recoil strength is great!

Just got it

So far so good! May even buy some for my coworkers

kevlar cord broke.

The kevlar cord broke on both of the Super Heavy Duty large carabiner at the key clip. Tie a knot above the key clip so you can rethread the clip more easily. 7 months of use. Works great other than that.


Purchased two of these as they were much more expensive than the other options, so I was hoping for top quality to justify getting more if the other models did not perform as well. However, one broke after the second or third use.

So Far So Good

I ordered several of these and so far they are all working well.

3lb tool tether

Works great and has very little retractable retractable 4th which makes it easy to work with when extending tool away from your body big strong stainless steel cable to prevent tool from falling heavy duty retractable Rose great for roofers trying to keep their nail guns and drills from falling all over the place hammers nail guns and 5 pound should retractable tool for the bigger framing guns and cardless Drills

Pen/pencil tether

these this world champs really wonderful for connecting to a small tablet And riding and not losing pins when estimating on roofs it's really hard to write put down their tablet without losing a pin

Drill tether

This 5 Pam retractable to with them large stainless steel wire very heavy duty grateful working the both ceiling bridge and when working on roof

Phone tether

Works great for holding their phone and keeping it close and working in a tight confined space don't have to worry about forgetting my phone or losing it when working inside of an attic or above the ceiling grids

Tape measure tether

I absolutely love this can't believe I never saw this before especially when working on a roof are above ceiling grids tape measures fall out of our 2 bags and pockets when working in a difficult position and they roll right off the roof and can and will fall all over the place into the backyard of a house sometimes sometimes is a dog in the back of the house and we can't access it because it's a dangerous dog are worse it could roll off the roof had a customer or car lots of dangerous tape measure falling off

Super 48 heavy duty retractable chain

The retractable string doesn't have a a lot of force

Facilities Maintenance

I never get more than about six months of usage before separation of the cable from the key ring. That's nowhere near a quarter of a million pulls.

Well worth the money

Well worth the money you pay. I have hesitated in the past to pay this price until i have bought and used cheaper versions and they failed after a short time But they were not not made well and heavy duty. like Key Bak i pull on the key Bak at least 75-100 times while using my box cutters everyday. Glad i brought them

Classic Key Chain works well

This retractable key chain does just what it's supposed to, looks classy, and fits my needs.

Great Product!

Well made and definitely heavy duty. I've had trouble with the metal belt clips breaking off other models but this leather belt loop is securely fastened to the case.



Awesome Product

This product is a great invention. Custodian at a school and Been using them for 3 years and still going. Keep ordering more as I receive more keys.