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ORIGINAL Retractable Keychain in Vintage Chrome or Vinyl Black

SUPER48 Heavy Duty Retractable Keychain with Ball-Joint Lock

MINI-BAK® Lightweight Retractable Keychain

Zip Zip Zip All Night Long

I am a trainer at a very busy steakhouse. I purchased this about a month or so ago and so far so good! It has starting to make this clicking noise when I pull it out but when I checked the string everything seems fine. Here's the real truth though... You have absolutely no idea how much this is pulled in and out, smashed up against walls, chairs, tables and anything else that gets in its way. I definitely don't expect it to last forever and in fact I'm very surprised it's lasted this long!! Anything I've used in the past explodes within 2 to 3 weeks max. I had high hopes this would be a quality product, one that would stand up to the insane abuse I planned on putting it thru and like I said... So far so good!
Under normal use I see this product lasting a very very long time. This is a quality product and I will be ordering a backup or 2 soon and will be recommending this to all new server's.

Heavy Duty Retractable Keychain is perfect for my purse

I kept losing my keys in the bottom of my purse. This retractable keychain allows me to have easy access to them. And it is very heavy duty.

Key-Bak 21

Works great

Great product

Retractable keychain is perfect for my job as a maintenance man at apartment complex

Tough Piece of Hardware

This is way too much retraction tension for just one key. Almost too short of a pull cord. Probably works best for many heavy keys. If the lock I'm reaching is above the keychain then I prepare for the keychain detaching from my belt and severely hitting the hand that is holding the key!! < THAT HURTS! OWWWW! A heavy object to attach to this will probably work much better than just one key! I should probably request an exchange for a retractagel keychain with MUCH LESS TENSION!! This item is definitely built to last. It makes a loud clicking noise almost every time the key retracts due to the notch for holding the key in place. Kind of annoying in my opinion. It's the ball joint lock doing what it is designed to do but still annoying loud click nearly every time the key retracts. The quality and design are the best for the money.

Unbeatable Keychain

Have used original Retractable Keychain for years. Sturdy. Never get locked out as all my keys are on my hip, clipped on pant waste band!

MID6 HD Retractable 6 oz. Keychain with Carabiner

I have been using my retractable keychain for three weeks now and love it! This keychain is definitely heavy duty and very well made. I highly recommend this item.

Best Key Reel For My Needs

You can feel the quality as soon as you remove from packaging. The reel cable, reel tension and the rest are first rate. This is my 3rd Key-Bak purchase. There will be more in the future.

Sturdy, good quality

In use for 2 weeks, I really like the cord reel strength and “snap.” The carbiner clip is very secure- important as my access badge and keys are attached. As a 5’ 2” female, I’d love a slightly shorter overall length but it’s not a deal breaker. I’m very satisfied with the quality and that is my main reason for spending more than I usually do for this type of item.

Compact and Organized

The Key organizer works well; I recommend placing keys in the center of the grouping if the corresponding lock is in a tight location. Very small, like padlock, keys are best placed on the attached ring for easy access. I use this with the retractable reel that stops pulling while in use—great combo.

Excellent Strap

Excellent key strap & highly recommend it to everyone I know!! A+

The perfect key chain

I have been using Key-Bak retractors for 60 years and they have never failed me.

Handy tool!

I use this for my job to hold keys and it does a great job doing what I need it to do. The cord is very strong and long which is perfect!

SUPER48 Heavy Duty Retractable Keychain with Ball-Joint Lock

Lasted 1/2 a day

The rubber tip fell off and disappeared the first day I used it. Would have been 5 stars if the tip hadn’t fallen off.

Great product and made in the USA!

It works

Having little time to use this device, I scarcely feel qualified to remark on the quality. I like it. There were parts attached which did not suit my use, but these were easily removed and I adapted it to my purpose.

Key Bak for my coworker

He loved it, and I love my old one too!

Gets the job done very well

Ive bought these before. They work very well for years now. So now I’m buying more for other purposes.

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