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Excellent keychain

It’s a very heavy duty retractable keychain. Does great holding all the keys and fob in a correctional setting. It is well worth the price

Very impressed

It is true that some things only get better with time and the longevity of the KEY-BAK is no different. Love the product.

Great retractable key chain

Working out great for me. No more locking my car keys in the car!!!

Super 48

So far so good đź‘Ť


Quik-Connect is the BEST!!
I highly recommend it!! You get what you pay for.✌️

Great product

I work at the USPS and this works perfect with our new scanners.

Amazing product

I am going to be getting more

Very Satisfied

These retractable keychains have become part of the uniform for our employees. We all are very satisfied with the quality of them.

Fantastic So Far

I bought a SUPER48 after burning through three "heavy-duty" key zips in about a year. It handles daily use really well, and it feels well-made.

Long lasting

Smooth and reliable. The best retractable key chain I've had

wonderful and durable

To be fair, I've only this about a month or so, but so far, it's holding up quite well.

Best Key-Bak you guys make! Supports a lot of keys and takes years to finally wear out.

SUPER48 Heavy Duty Retractable Keychain with Ball-Joint Lock

Love it! Wish it lasted longer

As an ER Trauma nurse, I need a badge buddy that can keep up. The SIDEKICK is able to hold multiple badge buddies and keys without drooping. Completely satisfied, but the housing broke in half 2 months after the warranty expired. 4 stars as I wish it lasted longer.

Last forever

I have used SUPER48 HEAVY DUTY KEYCHAIN, in my line of work (train conductor), for over 10 years now, and are on my no5. So in average, a SUPER48 HEAVY DUTY KEYCHAIN last for 2 years of daily use.
Great product!!

Best and most reliable retractable keychain I have purchased.

The chord is super strong. It has given me four years of reliable daily use in a military instructional environment. Expect many more years of trouble free operation.

Excellent product. Much better than the one I got from the hardware store. This keychain is obviously higher quality, and it works so much better.

KEY-BAK SECURIT Heavy Duty Retractable Carabiner Keychain

Great so far….

This is my second one that I’ve purchased. The last one the plastic holder somehow got cut by the cord I’m assuming by it going in and out Frequently. I had it for a year and a half and it broke so I got another one because I like the product I just hope this one last longer.


After a few months use, the cord snapped from the plastic part. I had to tie it. I have limited amount of reeling length now :(

KEY-BAK SECURIT Heavy Duty Retractable Carabiner Keychain

Very Good, but moderate use only

I like this product. I used it to cheat my busy forgetfulness. I used it to tether my Leatherman multi-function tool. This forced me to ensure that I would not lose my tool after setting it down while busy with other things. Setting it down on the bumper of an RV is a sure way to lose it. After use I would put the tool in my pocket still tethered firmly on my belt and go about my day. The locking mechanism provides plenty of range for use without tension. The feature that would make this an undisputed excellent product is a reinforced opening for the cord. Through use and friction, the cord cut the PC casing. I didn't notice this until the cord became pinched in its own cut groove. I had tried to glue a small washer onto the opening to remove the friction on the casing, but the glue I used didn't work very long and the washer came off. I am now purchasing a full metal case and likely a metal cord but will have to deal with the constant tension on the cord.


The Retractable keychain that I ordered was perfect for me,

High quality and strong

Looks great and feels high quality—the Kevlar cable makes me feel safe my keys won’t accidentally fall off due to wear or being accidentally nicked by something sharp. Pull strength is strong for a good amount of weight, and the carabiner and stitched band is also well stitched and high quality to feel reliable too.