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KEY-BAK Original Series Retractable Keychain

SUPER48 Heavy Duty Retractable Keychain with Ball-Joint Lock

Jimmy jimmy rim tim

Oooo aaaa eeee,
ooooo aaaa eeee,
The keys go back,
Hey, hey, now,
I said,
The keys go back,
Oooo aaaaa eeeee,
Ohhhhh yeeeaaaaa,
The keys go back.

Quality as always

I was foolish enough to trade my old key-bak to a coworker, I regretted itso I bought this one and I never trading this one lol.

Solid build, comfortable retraction strength

Got this to tether my keys to a belt loop. I work over water a lot, and was worried about losing my keys. I haven't exactly treated the housing nicely (scraped it on walls, whacked it on various poles, etc.) and it shows no signs of damage

Bolt Snap Key Ring with Detachable Leather Strap

Overall Great, but not completely Foolproof

I ordered two of the SIDEKICK retractable keychains and while mine works extremely well and is exactly what I want, the other seems to have had its retracting mechanism broken. Overall, it seems like a fluke because the second one works extremely well for its intended purpose!

2nd key bak 21

Bought my 2nd key bak 21. I work 2 different buildings have to lock and unlock and lots of doors and carry different key. I just clip this to my belt and never have to worry about leaving or losing keys anywhere and chain reaches door locks so fast and easy.

MINI-BAK Badge Holder 24" and 4 oz. Heavy-Duty Retractable Force

Made in china item

Why we trust keybak is because its quality due to made in USA, but this item is made in china and looks cheap.

Manager of Human Resources

They are tough and can withstand the use of the shop workers

Great fastener

The reel isn't particularly noteworthy, but the reels from this company are better than any issued by work or available on Amazon, so it's a solid purchase.


So far so good. It has a very smooth functionality, appears to be durable.
Hopefully the cord is Kevlar, so I can get several years of use.

Better key fob than the one I thought I bought

I was looking to replace the fob that broke and without looking too closely, ordered what I thought was the same one that I had. Turns out it is more rugged and versatile than I knew. 10/10 would buy again.

KEY-BAK Ratch-It Retractable Anti-Theft Phone Tether with Carabiner and Universal Smartphone Case Connection

Great piece of merchandise. So happy that I found it!

Pricey but reliable.

These belt slot key holders solve my everyday key support issues. They have a weak link, in that the thumb knurls break off over time, but they last a couple of years.

KEY-BAK SECURIT Heavy Duty Retractable Carabiner Keychain

Super48 Keybak

Very good qlty product. Sales, shipping and delivery are the best. Very fast and complete information.

It made for a beautiful gift.

Put to work

I bought 3 of these. So far they are doing well except one. One of them had a belt clip failure.

It looks like and feels like a large hunk of plastic.

EDC keychain

Works great but clip is ment for a skinnier belt, my belt is double layered so the clip sits funny and slides off easily.

Daily use

10 Years used wihout any problems. This product is one of the most important things in my daily work.
I'm wery content!