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Works great just what I wanted

Its ok

It does what its intended to but the tether cord is already wearing out and its not like im using it all day and pulling on it all the time. Kind of disappointed in the quality

Helps with my 'brain fog'

I used KEY-BAK products for years at work, and have given them as MUCH APPRECIATED gifts to friends and co-workers. I'm now retired, and suffer from 'brain fog'. I've lost my wallet twice in the past year. After the second occurrence, I purchased the KEY-BACK RATCH-IT version and attached my wallet to it. The RATCH-IT case clips VERY SECURELY to my belt and is barely noticeable due to its 'black' color and small size. Extending the cord 1 to 2 'clicks' allows my wallet to rest comfortably at the bottom of my front pocket with no extra slack in the cord. The strong aramid cord is 'black' and thin, and practically invisible when in use. When using my wallet, I take it out a few more clicks, make my financial transaction, and EASILY retract the cord to my preferred length, and secure the wallet back in my pocket. When I have a clear thought, I realize the RATCH-IT is truly a Godsend to me! The FACT that KEY-BAKs are made in the U.S.A. is just icing on the cake. With many thanks and much appreciation for KEY-BAK's fine products AND great customer service over the years, Charles W.

My Key-Bak experience

I work in facilities maintenance and our equipment is always put to the test.

This unit is rugged but comfortable to wear all day. I highly recommend this product.

This is an awesome product Just the right size and strong enough to hold my swipe card and all the keys I need on me at all times of the day in my job as a Restaurant manager. I have referred several people already to your site based on my happiness with my prior reel that was the mini bak HD. I would have bought another of those if it was still made as it is less bulky at my waistline but this new reel has additional features like the clip swiveling which is a good improvement! Thank you for producing your products here in America as well . That is a plus in these troubled times!!

Pretty Great

It's nice to have my badge and work key at hand without having to dig through my pockets. Build quality is top notch too. This isn't some cheap crap you get as a freebie from work.

Only device to achieve the advertised retraction pull

This is my 4th retractor, this one actually retracts the advertised pull. Even a competitor's '5lb device' could not retract a 1lb tool.

I got the Xtreme, which oddly CANNOT BE BOUGHT on this page! (gotta go to Amazon.)

Love the belt loop style and stronger cord!!!!

Climbing nut tool

I keep my nut tool for climbing on one of these. It's fast, convenient, and keeps my rack tidy. It's been out in some rough conditions and gets jacked around sometimes (chimneys, ya know?) but keeps functioning perfectly. Highly recommend this application.


Be sure when ordering that you count your keys, I got the Super48 HD and only have 42 keys which seems to make it harder to pull out (maybe that's just me). I am going to order the next size down soon. I am neither pro nor con an the ball joint lock but I don't particularly care for the belt clip.


It's what you need if you're looking for a nice tether. Very nice build quality. Leave it to the originators, buy this one...


Works well for custodial work.

Great equipment! Used for Years

I have used KEY-BAK for years and they keep on working. A solid piece of equipment that I do not have to worry about at all while accessing all the doors and areas in my facility!

Great product

Until now it's been the best product I've bought, it's very strong, it has survived unexpected harsh pulls and hits. The only issue and the only reason I don't give 5 stars is that is pretty big and long, so it hangs way too much, and if you're walking fast or running it's jumping all over the place, maybe the belt clip was a better option for me.

Key Ring with Belt Clip

Very Sturdy (Except for Vinyl Badge Holder)

Overall, I am pleased with this sturdy badge holder. After almost one year of use, the lanyard and retractable badge reel have held up to dozens of pulls each day, with no sign of wear or fatigue. However, the snap on the vinyl badge holder failed after just two months of use. I tried to hold the snap together with some electrical tape, but that eventually failed as well. So, I moved my badges to the split ring instead.

Works well enough

I bought this item to have a sturdier carabiner for my work badge. It is sturdy and does not seem like it will break any time soon. The reel has a lot of tension compared to other carbiners, which I don't really like. And it is longer than I expected - the length causes your badge to swing quite a bit. It will hit walls or anything you are close to regularly. It does the job, but I'm not completely satisfied with it.

Hell of a product

This is an amazing product I'm very pleased with it I've had it for going on two weeks now and would highly recommend it to anyone

Very good

The retractable key chain works as advertised


The cords keep pulling out of the break-away lugs rendering these very non-secure. Would NOT recommend.

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Just what I wanted

This does everything advertised. The lock occasionally takes a little care to use, but it does work reliably. The decal on the front has come off a couple times, but it's reattached well.

The pull and release is just right.

The loop attachment is very secure. Nice ring on it.

Solid and light, however my keys exceed recommended weight that negatively affects ratcheting.

Works Great

I'm a Corrections Officer so I am always using my keys. I just recently bought The KEYBAK Key Retractor. I should have gotten this sooner it really makes it easy mto hang onto my keys. There alweays in the same spot and if i drop them there right where i need them every time. Some of trhe other Ofc.'s are buying them after they saw mine. Great Tool to have. Thank You.