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The best key holder

We are thrilled with this retractable key holder, it is strong and very well made. I believe it will be the last one I will have to buy for a long time. But I will purchase more for gifts. Thank you for making such a good product.

The best I've found Yet

This is a solid accessory for something I use every day.

Retractable key chain

This is the best retractable keychain I ever
purchased!!! It’s a bit pricey but you get what you pay for✌️

Excellent solution

If you don't want to lose your work keys, this is the end-all, be-all solution. So heavy duty! I love mine.

Awesome product

Congratulations is awesome product 🙌🏻

Exactly what I was looking for

I have had this product previously, after several years of use it finally broke down and needed replacing. My company no longer provides this product so I am happy to have found it and it works great.


I like it damn goodbye and I may order me another one

KEY-BAK SECURIT Heavy Duty Retractable Carabiner Keychain

I purchased theKEY-BAK SECURIT Heavy Duty Retractable Carabiner Keychain after owning a keybak heavyduty key ring for several years, I like the way this one fits in my front pocket when not in use, it keeps keys from rattling. Very pleased with this as a replacement.


This is larger and heavier than expected, pay attention to the size.

Also, I ordered two items and only received this one.

Top of the line!

Excellent Kevlar cord. Far surpasses any product you can buy from a hardware store!

Swivel badge reel

I work in Healthcare and most badge reels I have owned before last no longer than another before the string or clip breaks. These are not only durable but the strap that holds the badge is not plastic! Its some kind of magical vinyl that will definitely not rip over time. This is my go to brand from now on!

KEY-BAK SECURIT Heavy Duty Retractable Carabiner Keychain

Great, I've had them for years! Great product.

Excellent product

This Keychain is perfect. It is durable and of high quality. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase.

Super48 Heavy Duty Retractable Key Chain

Very well made, but with one serious flaw: EXTREMELY difficult to fasten key chain housing to belt or pants BECAUSE the plastic clip sits against an elevated stopper and the hard plastic stopper becomes a serious impediment to clipping it on. I had to file down the stopper housing. Ridiculous.

Awesome product!!

If you work at a job where you need to breakdown boxes, this is great to have. I have my box cutter on it, so it's always handy when I need it!!

Doesn’t last

I’ve had two. Both broke within a year. Same spot.

Key Ring with Belt Clip
Medistem Panamá
Great product! but missing a key

Great product and it arrived at time but missing a Key.
Our order was to 60 keys and we received only 59 keys.
Best Regards,

strong. Nice clip ez onto belt

Many brands advertise wonderful strength, but only lift 8 oz. I need to retract a 13oz cardboard cutter. Key-Bak devices actually lift what they advertise.

The only suggestion is to secure the cord to the ring more securely! I lost several keys - one of which was unreplaceable.

Best in the business

I've had mine for 5 years as a school teacher carrying a bunch of keys, Never had a problem! I went through 5 or 6 others before I finally got this one, and this one will take me into retirement! Thank you! Highly recommend.


I use it as a wallet chain.

Always Access to My Room

The Badge Reel with Carabiner offers security that my room key card is always with me. Have used it for 24 days and it works like a charm. Love it!

SUPER48 Heavy Duty Retractable Keychain with Ball-Joint Lock