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Works great

It works every time, like it's supposed to.

Best Tether on the Market

I have been using this system to protect my iPhone 14 Pro Max for several weeks now and I find it the easiest, cheapest and most practical way to keep my investment safe and easily accessible. I highly recommend this system to everyone.

Also, please bear in mind that Key-Bak guarantees their products, so if there is any problem at all, they will make things right. This is an outstanding American-based company!

SUPER48 Heavy Duty Retractable Keychain with Ball-Joint Lock

Best iPhone tether

I have IPhone 14 pro attached to it and my keys which is working perfectly. It has stopped my phone from falling out of hand in down into water

SUPER48 Heavy Duty Retractable Keychain with Ball-Joint Lock

Reel not strong enough

I need a heavy duty reel and this wasn't it. Otherwise it's a great item.

Limited Edition 75th Anniversary Original Retractable Keychain

I was asked to review this a while ago. I prefer to use an item before I review it, so I figured I'd use it when my non-anniversay model failed....I've been using it daily for 15 years, hasn't failed me yet.
So, this new one is more of a collectable for me. It's pretty and shiny!
Keep up the good work, Key-Bak! You make excellent products!

Lighter than old one

I've had a KeyBack for 8 years. While recommending it to a colleague I notice the string seemed frayed. I ordered a new Heavy Duty but the reel is smaller than the old and doesn't seem as strong. Hopefully I received the correct one. Gave 5 stars based on the old one. Hopefully this one holds up

One was the right product, one wasn’t .

I received a quik connect retractable keychain but it was a belt clip instead of a carabiner. I sent an email about it the second I received it but haven’t heard back about it yet.


I've used KeyBak keychain reels many years,they're really good

Repeat buyer, UPGRADE!

After about 2 years in service, my Key-Bak retrieval cord was compromised by a sharp edge in the field and was severed. I went with a new unit rated for more strenuous duty this time. Feeling confident in my new Key-Bak!

KEY-BAK SECURIT Heavy Duty Retractable Carabiner Keychain


My wife needed a badge reel that had enough tension to hold he badge and Vocera without unspooling halfway to her waist. KB did a great job with this product. I will be buying for company again!

Just what I needed

Works perfectly, exactly as described, well made.

Key bak

I like the ptoduct ok but it needs to be a bit stronger. It doesnt always retract after using. It wants to remain extended with my keychain hanging so I have to reengage it to close.

This product is excellent and it definitely holds up a considerable amount of weight!!!

SUPER48 Plus Ambidextrous Heavy Duty Retractable Keychain
Greatness Improved

I've had the previous incarnation of this KEY-BAK for over a decade. I finally wore out the cord. I've been using the new,improved SUPER48 Plus Ambidextrous Heavy Duty Retractable Keychain for a couple of weeks and I am impressed. The double-sided exits
(Ambidextrous) are a major improvement, and the bigger locking belt clip easily goes on my widest belts. I expect more than a decade's use of this new one, so it'll be a long time until I'll write my next review. Thank You!

Ordered a retractable key chain

It was awesome timely response with my order and when I received.


One of the best retractable keychain i ever purchased. Excellent quality i would recommend this to anyone

Great clip

None at this time

Holding up well

I bought this for durability as my last reel broke unexpectedly. This came pretty fast in the mail and it's been holding up well.


I recently got this carabiner retractable key bak and it performs great. I carry upwards of 15-20 keys and it retracts the weight without a problem. Thank you!!