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Seems sturdy
Great keychain, does exactly what I needed
Amazing, but needed something to suit my needs.
Heavy a duty Retractable Carabiner Keychain
Fast and easy
It’s okay
I like it
Great gift for the wife!
Thanks, for leaving the review and giving us your feedback! We're really glad to hear that life is a little easier when it comes to finding keys now. Our SnapBack retractable keychain has really been designed to help simply life.
Great Product !
A little disapointed.
Hello, Jose. Thanks, for the review. We trust you'll get all of the use you'll need out of this product. KEY-BAK uses high quality materials to ensure durability. Our SUPER48 Plus Heavy Duty Retractable Keychain's case is actually Polycarbonate, a strong and durable-special plastic. First appearance seems to be very similar to a regular plastic. Polycarbonate provides excellent impact and weather resistance compared to the average resistance in common plastics. It's been used to make shatter-proof windows, eyeglass lenses and much more- it is a go to for lightweight and durable products. Feel free to let us know your thoughts after using it after a while. We love getting feedback from our customers!
Not just for keys
Golf bag brush holder
Handy little thing!
Isn’t what it said it was
Great product.
Sturdy and holds everything