NEW PRODUCT ALERT! Check Out The KEY-BAK® MID6-DUO Retractable Keychain and ID Badge Reel

We love our customers and always listen to their wants and needs. We noticed the number of ID badges and keys they need to carry everyday has been steadily on the rise and recently they have expressed their want for a KEY-BAK retractable keychain and ID badge reel that can hold more than our best selling Sidekickretractable keychain. And voilà! We are proud to present, the MID6-DUO. We took our MID6 (with split ring) and combined it with our MID6-ID (with vinyl ID badge strap). It's like a super Sidekick with an option for a swivel belt clip.

The MID6-DUO can hold up to 6oz, 50% more weight than a Sidekick. That's up to any combination of 10 keys, ID badges and access key cards. Designed for nurses, doctors therapists and all our heroes in healthcare or anyone in the office that needs a bigger more robust retractable keychain and ID badge reel. The MID6-DUO has a 1½ area for custom imprinting perfect for hospital, clinical and business logos. It comes in 2 configurations:

MID6-DUO with swivel belt clip

MID6C-DUO with carabiner

Check out our product page to learn more about the MID6-DUO and our other MID6 models

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