Check Out the 3 Most Popular Colors For the KEY-BAK SUPER48® Retractable Keychain

The KEY-BAK Super48 retractable keychain is bar none the most popular heavy duty retractable keychain available. It combines security with rugged durability and dependability. Professionals who know KEY-BAK know Super48 will outlast imitators up to 10x longer, but do they know the most popular colors it comes in? No? Well here you go!

1. Super48 Retractable Keychain in Midnight Black

KEY-BAK has been supplying retractable keychains to janitors, sanitation engineers, and facilities and maintenance for decades. These heroes keep our hospitals, schools, stores, restaurants, and business clean and working, often at night or off hours. They also carry a lot of keys and have access to everything. The Midnight Black Super48 retractable keychain solves the biggest headaches faced by Jan/San and facilities and maintenance workers. Options include a 48in retractable tether length so keys can reach overhead to light key switches, or with the XD spring, carry up to 40 keys! And regardless of the option chosen, the locking ball-joint prevents keys from bouncing around and getting in the way, all the time making sure that the keys that open every door are kept secure and at the ready. When security and convenience matters, make sure the Midnight Black Super48 by KEY-BAK is the only choice for your keys.

2. Super48 Retractable Keychain in Tactical Black

Are you in law enforcement, security, or corrections? Perhaps you are part of the thin blue line that holds the fabric of society together or keeps casinos safe and functioning. If so, you need a Super48 in Tactical Black. The Tactical Black Super48 is non-reflecting, perfect for stalking a criminal in low light or at night. It has a belt clip that quickly converts to a secure belt loop so keys can’t be easily removed by inmates, perps, or other bad guys. It has a pistol grip finish to match to your service weapon and other gear on your duty belt. And the patented locking ball-joint prevents keys from bouncing and dangling when on the move. It’s truly the premier tactical key management solution.

3. Super48 Retractable Keychain in Black Steel

The Super48 in Black Steel on a pure white background looks amazing! Just Look at those sleek lines and sharp features. The pull of the cord is smooth and fluid and dependably retracts keys time after time. What you can’t see in this masterpiece of security are the hours of testing and dedication to ensure it outlasts the competition. Like every product sold by KEY-BAK, the Black Steel Super48 undergoes rigorous testing on our state-of-the-art PULLDOZeR 48K. We hold everything we make to industry leading standards of durability and dependability, ensuring years of worry-free use.

Ok, so really, whether it’s the Midnight Black, Tactical Black, or Black Steel Super48 retractable keychain, it’s the same deep dark black every Super48 is sold in today. You can decide which black you carry knowing your keys and work are secured by KEY-BAK.

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