What Can a Toddler Teach Us About PPE and Tool Lanyards

That is my daughter. I think she looks good in the owl bike helmet? Almost every night, we go on a little bike ride over to park near where we live and tonight was no different. However last night it rained. When we investigated the big twisty slide, we found some water had pooled at the bottom, and that doesn't make good sliding. She asked for a towel to clear the problem but dad didn't bring one of course and so for the moment we seemed stymied. As a toddler of action she looked for her own solution, picked up a small stick, and began pushing water to the front of the slide.

Wearing PPE, using the wrong tool

The stick moved the water around a little, but did little to clear the water away from the slide. Watching this got me thinking about the need to use the right tool for the job. Whether that tool is a wrench, cordless drill, a hard hat or tool lanyard, making sure you or your team is using the right tool can be the difference between getting the job done on time or creating new problems that can grind the whole project to a halt. That's why at KEY-BAK, we only manufacture retractable tool lanyards designed to be attached to the workers, belt, harness or other PPE. Retractable tool lanyards and tool tethering systems keep the lanyard short, out of the way, and helps prevent snagging or catching on scaffolding, ladders and especially other tools. They help you and your team work safer today and still get the job done on time.

Want to see more? Watch the video on our home page and see for yourself.

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