Do you have $1.5M you want to drop off a building?

Do you have $1.5M you want to drop off a building? That was the average cost to each company that had a fatal accident in 2015 due to struck by falling object according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics*. And that is just for 1 accident. In 2015 alone there were 247 deaths costing the industry 247 skilled tradesmen, friends and experience; not to mention $358M.

Not convinced this is a problem? In addition to 247 tragedies, another 44,850 Americans were struck by falling objects with an average cost of $42,000 each. That’s another $1.9 Billion (that’s right, Billion with a big “B”) in medical costs alone in 2015 in addition to lost time, lost productivity and who knows how much in legal fees and settlements.

Join the thousands of professionals that are ready to say enough is enough! Before you send your work crews up and expose your company to millions of dollars of risk, be sure to tether their tools and make them safe to work at height. Otherwise, maybe you’d be better off keeping the tools on the ground and just throw money off the roof.


ISEA’s New Initiative Seeks to Standardize Solutions to Protect Workers from Dropped Objects; Posted on

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