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 PRESS RELEASE - Dropsafetyequipment.com and START Work Fundamentals Launch


With the start of 2018, KEY-BAK Pro is proud to announce the launch of 2 new Dropped Object Prevention online tools, Dropsafetyequipment.com and START Work Fundamentals

What’s the difference between Fall Protection and Dropped Object Prevention?
Dropped Object Prevention (D.O.P.) is much younger than fall protection. Unlike fall protection, which is focused on the safety of the worker wearing the gear, D.O.P. is focused on everyone else below the worker who is wearing the gear. D.O.P. generally consists of tool tethers, tool attachments and anchors.
KEY-BAK Professional Introduction
Greetings to my fellow professional safety practitioners, and welcome to our new website, www.dropsafetyequipment.com.  KEY-BAK Professional will be your guide to helping you plot your course and navigate the sometimes-confusing waters of dropped object prevention and working at height.