Proof that the original retractor manufacturer is still the best in the world!

We just got back from the National Hardware Show 2018 in Las Vegas. One afternoon, a Las Vegas PD officer came by our booth to tell us a little story. On his duty belt was an original number 5 retractor that his father had passed down to him some years ago. While it still worked, it was pretty old and he was wondering what new products we had that were more modern and designed for tactical use.

After getting a look at the markings on the back we found it was made between 1965 and 1970. That means it had been in use for around 50 years and was still working! So if you are looking for products that last and last and last, remember you can’t beat the original retractor manufacturer. KEY-BAK Pro uses American ingenuity to help working people live more productive lives for decades to come and we apply the same standards for quality to every product we make.