KEY-BAK PRO Launches New Dropped Object Prevention Tool Attachments

KEY-BAK Pro is proud to announce the expansion of our ToolMate line of Dropped Object Preventative (DOP) solutions. Available starting today KEY-BAK Pro has available for purchase 4 brand new tool attachments, tool attachment tape, and 4 heavy weight tool tethers. These exciting new products augment our DOP mission, helping to prevent harm to our friends, coworkers and teammates, and working a little bit safer tomorrow than they did yesterday.

Many professional tradesmen and companies have tools that have been getting the job done for years. Often, these tools were made before the DOP Movement and so do not have captive eyes, factory installed D-Rings or other tool tethering attachments. Instead of retiring your proven tools, use a ToolMate Link tool attachment to make them tethering ready.

The Link Strap Loop quickly attaches to tool with handles and waists up to 5LBs. Use the Link Cord Loop to attach tools with small captive features like pipe wrenches, and for those tools with straight handles like hammers, we offer 2 Link Strap weight ratings and Link tape to make them safe to use at height. Each ToolMate Link tool attachment includes an integral D-Ring that quickly attaches to the carabiner of a ToolMate tether.

For heavier tools such as hammer drills, angle grinders, large pipe wrenches and many other tools weighing up to 15LBs, prevent harm by tethering them with ToolMate 10# and 15# Strap tool tethers. Each weight rating is available with Double Carabiners or Loop Strap to Carabiner configuration ensuring you have the right anchor and attachment point to tether your tool. If your tool is tethering ready, you can attach your tool using the integral carabiner, and clip onto a dedicated anchor point with the 2nd carabiner (with the Double carabiner models) or cinch around a load bearing structure using the strap loop end (with the Strap loop to Carabiner models). If you have a heavy tool with a closed handle, cinch the strap loop end through the handle and attach the carabiner to a dedicated anchor point. There’s just so many ways you can ensure your tool is tethered and safe.

Each has been proven by dynamic drop testing with a 2:1 factor of safety at temperatures ranging from -31F to +113F. You can rest assured your tether is up to the job of tethering your tools, preventing harm and protecting your investments.

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