KEY-BAK Professional Introduction

Greetings to my fellow professional safety practitioners, and welcome to our new website, KEY-BAK Professional will be your guide to helping you plot your course and navigate the sometimes-confusing waters of dropped object prevention and working at height. Our goals are simple:

  1. Educate on the danger of falling object not only to the worker, but also the workers and companies investment.
  2. Make deployment of D.O.P. simple and easy to follow.
  3. Keep you informed on new industry recommended practices and regulation.
  4. Bring all industries into the fold and help them speak the same language.
  5. Launch D.O.P. fundamentals that instruct on how to prevent harm and deploy continuous improvement to prevent drops from occurring.
  6. Provide a platform to share safety best practices

This blog is intended to be a conversation, not a lecture, so be sure to grab a seat at our table. You can send your questions or share your safety practices by contacting

And if you are already in the know and use KEY-BAK Professional products, please send us pictures of you using your Toolmate Rewinding Tether!