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Smartphone Jacket Tool Lanyards in the News
The ToolMate Link Smartphone Jacket is one of the many tool lanyards is in the news.  Check out the latest news from Contractor Supply Magazine, the Voice of Distribution.  Click the link below:
3 Real Life Stores that Will Convince Anyone They Need Tool Tethering

I've just returned home from another great expo at ASSP, American Society of Safety Professionals.  All of us on the ISEA Committee were pleased to see so much enthusiasm around dropped object prevention this year.

While I was there, many professionals shared with me their dropped object stories and why they were looking for tool tethering solutions.  I've selected 3 stories that really spoke to me and have captured them below.

Proof that the original retractor manufacturer is still the best in the world!
We just got back from the National Hardware Show 2018 in Las Vegas. One afternoon, a Las Vegas PD officer came by our booth to tell us a little story. On his duty belt was an original number 5 retractor...
Find out why Grainger thinks Dropped Object Prevention is Important
I just ran across this great article on Grainger talking about why DOP is important in the Oil and Gas industry.  Grainger knows safety and has been a world class supplier to the O&G industry for decades. 
Tether or Lanyard, which one do I need?
Ah, good question! Both are used almost interchangeably. ISEA, the International Safety Equipment Association, has set forth a recommendation on the topic. Lanyards are to be used in Fall Protection for People. Tethers are for tools used to Prevent Dropped...
 PRESS RELEASE - Dropsafetyequipment.com and START Work Fundamentals Launch


With the start of 2018, KEY-BAK Pro is proud to announce the launch of 2 new Dropped Object Prevention online tools, Dropsafetyequipment.com and START Work Fundamentals

What’s the difference between Fall Protection and Dropped Object Prevention?
Dropped Object Prevention (D.O.P.) is much younger than fall protection. Unlike fall protection, which is focused on the safety of the worker wearing the gear, D.O.P. is focused on everyone else below the worker who is wearing the gear. D.O.P. generally consists of tool tethers, tool attachments and anchors.