Wind and Solar Industry

The global push for renewable energy has made wind and solar installation and maintenance markets are some of the fastest growing globally. Because of the rapid growth of jobs in these markets, many workers are inexperienced in working at height and benefit from a systematic approach to safety.

Working Conditions

Wind turbine technicians work at great height, rappel down turbine blades for repairs, or fit into confined spaces of the nacelle atop the wind tower. Until recently most solar technician worked in solar farms at ground level. With the support of regulation and government funding in recent years many new solar installations have sprung up atop high rise buildings, residential homes and on sloped solar structures over car parking. In both cases of wind and solar, there are limited barriers that can be erected to prevent objects from fall so if a tool is dropped it is almost assured to reach ground level.

Commonly Used Tools

To prevent needing to descend up to 260 ft. every time a new tool is needed, workers must carry a wide variety of tools with them as they ascend to where the work is done. Tools are typically smaller and include drill/drivers, wrenches, screwdrivers, wire cutters, pliers, multi-meters and other tools used to install and maintain steel structures and electrical generators. Often the tools need to be electrically insulated making tool tethering challenging.

Work Productive and Safe

Toolmate SRTs and JobTackle TRTs allow workers to carry a wide array of tools to height safely. Whether it’s their Drill-Driver tethered using a Toolmate 5 lb. SRT or their mobile phone secured with a KEY-BAK Pro Phone Tether for Otterbox uniVERSE, we help keep workers productive at height while preventing harm to people below. KEY-BAK Professional is dedicated to producing retractable tethers that help reduce the risk of harm to the worker due to catching, tangling or otherwise fouling on wind towers and solar installations.