In 1981, KEY-BAK invented the first Retractable Badge Reel, the MINI-BAK®, and it is still one of the best badge reels on the market today. Since then we have developed a variety of styles and configurations designed to keep your badges secure and handy throughout your day. Take advantage of our New Custom Logo Printing to make your brand stand out!


The MINI-BAK Badge Reel keeps a badge or two securely at your side with the belt clip attachment, if you need to hold a badge and a couple keys the Sidekick carabiner badge reel or badge lanyard will keep them both easily accessible and if an I.D. is a big part of your daily routine the heavy duty MID6 Carabiner Badge Holder will never let you down.

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F.A.Q.'s About Retractable Badge Holders

How many badges can they hold?

The strength of a retractable badge holder is measured by the number of ounces the reel can retract without sagging, this is called the retraction force. If you exceed the amount of weight called out in the retraction force the badge reel will start to extend while in the resting position.


  • RETRACT-A-BADGE: 2 oz. Retraction Force
  • MINI-BAK Standard Duty: 2 oz. Retraction Force
  • MINI-BAK Heavy Duty: 4 oz. Retraction Force
  • SIDEKICK Carabiner: 4 oz. Retraction Force
  • SIDEKICK Lanyard: 4 oz. Retraction Force
  • MID6 Heavy Duty Badge Holder: 6 oz. Retraction Force

What is the retractable cord made of?

There are 3 different materials KEY-BAK Retractable Badge Holders use for cord materials. Our budget friendly Retract-A-Badge reels use a polyester cord that provides a smooth extension at a great value. KEY-BAK's USA Made MINI-BAK Bak Badge Reels use a strong 3-strand braided nylon cord that is made to last frequent use. Lastly our heavy duty retractable badge holders, the Sidekick and MID6 reels, use a strong Kevlar cord with an 80 lb. minimum breaking strength.

How does the badge holder attach?

We have 3 different attachment options for retractable badge holders, choose the attachment that works best with the clothing you'll be wearing. The MINI-BAK has two attachment options, a stainless steel belt clip or a swivel clip. The KEY-BAK Sidekick can be worn with either a carabiner or around your neck with the Sidekick Lanyard. The Heavy Duty MID6 Badge Holder has carabiner option or a rotating belt clip.

Are KEY-BAK badge holders made in the USA?

The MINI-BAK, SIDEKICK and MID6 retractable badge holders are designed, manufactured and assembled in our Ontario, CA factory. Our value Retract-A-Badge line of retractable badge holders are built to KEY-BAK's quality standards by our partners overseas.

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