Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas is a vast global industry which includes Onshore and Offshore Production rigs, derricks and installations, Downstream Refining and Petrochemical complexes as well as derrick and ship construction.

Working Conditions

Working in the Oil and Gas Industry is known to be dangerous. Offshore rig workers contend with the threat of severe weather, large moving equipment and pipe, and knowing that if anything goes wrong, help is a long way away. Working at height has a different meaning in the offshore segments as even workers on the bottom deck of the rig can endanger teams suspended below the structure or divers sub surface. Onshore operations while typically smaller, are under extreme pressures to rapidly increase production and drilling or turn off the tap in response to continuously changing commodity prices. Downstream refining and petrochemical complexes are massive and can seem as if maintenance and upgrades, often at height, never end. In all segments, workers are always in close proximity to highly combustive and dangerous fluids. For these reasons and many more, the Oil and Gas industry takes safety very seriously and has spearheaded many safety programs that are now commonplace in many industries.

Commonly Used Tools

A lot of work done with tools in the Oil and Gas industry centers around erection and maintenance of piping and control systems. Tools include heavy pipe wrenches, sledge hammers, drivers, cutting, welding and grinding equipment as well as smaller hand tools used for installation and maintenance of electrical and pneumatic controls. Heavier tools must be tethered to structures or appropriate lifts and slings while the smaller tools must be secured to the worker so they can be carried to hight or used while performing rope access work.

Job Site Safety is Our Mission

KEY-BAK Professional is proud to champion Dropped Object Prevention tethering solutions for the Oil and Gas industry. Workers in close proximity to dangerous fluids must be able to evacuate anytime due to an emergency. KEY-BAK Professional is dedicated to producing Self Retracting Tethers (SRTs) worn by workers at height that reduce the chance of catching, tangling or otherwise fouling that prevent the worker from emergency egress and decent. KEY-BAK Professional Toolmate SRTs not only prevent harm to those below the worker at height, but also help prevent harm to the worker wearing the tether.