D.O.P. Dictionary

Let’s All Speak the Same Language

  1. Anchor – A point on the worker, the worker’s safety harness, or structure that the tool tether is connected for the purposes of DOP.
  2. ANSI – American National Standards Institute
  3. AWT – Automatic Winding Tether (Placeholder) – Tool Tether with an automated winding tether feature used to prevent the tool from dropping, fouling on the worker, other tools, barriers or objects in the work environment. Generally, AWT type tethers are not designed to retract and hold the tool when the tool is not in use.
  4. Captive Eye – A feature of a carabiner or snaphook type connector that prevents the connector from being removed.
  5. DOP – Dropped Object Prevention – Means to prevent uncontrolled movement of an object from one level to another level. Note: Dropped objects do not only occur during work at heights.
  6. DSE – Drops Safety Equipment – Tool tethers, Tool Attachments, and Anchors and used for Dropped Object Prevention
  7. Extendable Tether – A tool tether that is designed to elongate without a distinct stopping point when stretched.
  8. Fixed Length Tether – A tool tether has is not designed to elongate and has a distinct stopping point when stretched.
  9. HSE – Human Safety and Environment
  10. Fall Protection – Safety equipment and practices designed for the safety of the worker at height.
  11. Lifting Equipment – Common term for cranes, lifting gear, lifting components or other lifting apparatus used in combination with work at height or individually.
  12. SRL – Self Retracting Lanyard – Retractable lanyard used for fall protection Safety for the worker.
  13. SRT – Self Retracting Tether – Tool tether with an integral tether retraction device commonly used to retract and hold the tool, prevent dropping, fouling on the worker, other tools, barriers or objects in the work environment.
  14. S.T.A.R.T. WORK – A Program and Mindset of the worker and his/her company that put safety programs in place to prevent injury or harm to a worker or other person.
  15. Stop Work Authority – A program and mindset of the worker and his/her company that allows anyone at the job site to stop work from occurring if they witness work being done that is not safe.
  16. Tether Ready Tool – A tool that has an integral tool attachment that can be connected directly to a tool tether without an additional tool attachment.
  17. Tool Attachment – A means to attach a tool tether to a tool.
  18. Tool Tether – A device designed specifically for dropped object prevention.
  19. Tool Work instruction (TWI) – An instruction kept at a dedicated location with tools designated for work at height instructing the tool tether, tool attachment, primary and secondary anchor points to be used for each tool.
  20. Work at Height – All work carried out at a height of 6ft (2m) or more above a fixed deck. For work being conducted quayside or offshore, anytime divers may be present or commonly work, work at height policies and procedures shall be followed even when work is carried out at the lowest deck point (ie: ground level/sea level).
  21. Worker – Person performing the work with a tool.