Construction Industry

Construction include a wide range of work at height including high rise and bridge building, Industrial and residential roofing as well as building finishing. Jobs include Iron and steel workers, pipe fitters, concrete masons, carpenters, electricians and construction laborers and helpers.

Working Conditions

Construction work is physically demanding, often at great height and has the highest rate of injuries of any occupation. Work continues in all weather conditions year-round in most locations stopping for only the most severe weather conditions. Work is often done above high trafficked areas and to alleviate congestion on bridges or to meet deadlines work often occurs overnight. Most contractors use barriers and netting to prevent injury from dropped objects. There is a growing movement in construction segments to add dropped object preventative measures and systems to further augment their safety programs.

Commonly Used Tools

Just about any tools can be found on a construction site. The list is to encompass every possible tool here but most commonly carried tools that require tethering include tape measures, drill-drivers and other hand power tools, wrenches, hammers, trowels, floats, and many more. Larger tools that would require tethering to the structure or lift include cutting, welding and grinding tools, circular and reciprocating saws, rotary hammers, and other corded and cordless heavy power tools, concrete vibrators and finishers.

Job Site Safety is Our Mission

Construction work sites are full of bare re-bar, unfinished decks, scaffolding, tools big and small, high winds, rain, poor lighting and many more hazards workers contend with every day. When wearing a conventional tool tether, workers expose themselves to risk of harm, lost time and lost productivity due to the tether catching, tangling or otherwise fouling on workplace hazards. KEY-BAK Professional SRTs help reduce this risk by providing only retractable tethering solutions, limiting the change of fouling. All our Toolmate SRTs are 3rd party tested and held the highest standards to ensure we prevent drops. KEY-BAK Professional’s S.T.A.R.T. work program is one of a kind, helping companies deploy a safer work culture and empower workers to make sure they have everything the need before they S.T.A.R.T. work