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SIDEKICK® Retractable Keychain & Badge Reel with Custom Logo Printing

$ 13.99

Product Description

The SIDEKICK<sup>®</sup> Retractable Keychain & Badge Reel is small but mighty and capable of holding up to 6 keys and a badge, making the Sidekick one of the top selling retractable badge reels among working professionals. Built in the USA, the Sidekick has a strong molded black polycarbonate case and a retractable cord made with DuPont Kevlar® fiber. Attach your keys and badge to the twist-free end fitting and secure the carabiner to your belt clip, work vest or backpack. When you need your keys just pull them out, when your done let them go and the built-in tether retracts back into place until you need them again. When you're looking for an all-in-one everyday carry companion to secure your keys and badge the Sidekick is your best option.

Features and Benefits

  • Standard Duty retraction force holds up to 4 oz. and has a 24" reach
  • Made in the USA and proven to last more than 1-million pulls
  • Heavy Duty aramid fiber cord with an 80 lb. minimum breaking strength
  • Protected by a 1-Year Limited Warranty and Lifetime Service Policy
  • Twist-Free end fitting with split ring secures keys and an I.D. Badge
  • Zinc alloy carabiner conveniently clips onto belt loops, bags or purses
  • Stainless Steel Spring in a 1-3/8” diameter black polycarbonate case
Sidekick Retractable Badge holder with a twist-free end fitting

Twist-free end fitting

The Sidekick's polycarbonate twist-free end fitting keeps your I.D. badge from flipping so it's always forward facing and easily identifiable.

Sidekick retractable badge holder with a kevlar cord

Heavy Duty aramid fiber cord

The 24" heavy duty retractable cord is made with DuPont Kevlar® fiber and has an 80 lb. minimum breaking strength.

Sidekick Retractable badge holder with Keys and I.D. badge

KEYS & BADGE companion

The Sidekick can hold up to 5 keys and a badge, making it the perfect everyday carry companion for working professionals.


How long does thE SIDEKICK reach?

The Sidekicks' retractable cord has a 24" inch reach when fully extended.

What is the retractable cord ON THE SIDEKICK made out of?

The Sidekick's heavy duty retractable cord is made with DuPont Kevlar® fiber and has an 80 lb. minimum breaking strength.

How do you attach the badges to the sidekick?

The Sidekick has a Split Ring and Vinyl I.D. Badge Strap. The vinyl i.d. badge fits through an opening commonly found at the top of most i.d. badges snaps closed to secure the badge to the reel. If your i.d. badge does not have an opening to put the vinyl i.d. badge strap through you'll need to use an i.d. badge sleeve to secure your badge to the Sidekick reel.

Is the sidekick made in the USA?

Yes, the Sidekick is designed, manufactured and assembled at our factory in Ontario, CA.

What is the total length of the sidekick?

The Sidekick is 5 inches in length from the top of the carabiner to the bottom of the vinyl i.d. badge strap. The body of the Sidekick is 1-3/8 inches wide and 1/2 inch thick.