Always Know Where To Find Your Keys

Keys are hard to find in the bottom of purses or diaper bags. It gets even harder when one hand is carrying a child or countless other things.

Make the day less stressful. Snap your keys to a SnapBack retractable keychain and always know where to find them.

See What SnapBack Fans Are Saying

"I got 3. One for myself, always losing my keys in my purse. The second is for my son, he needs it for his personal and business keys, the third will be a gift for my niece who can never find her keys."
- Patricia B

"Wife loves that she can now, not have to search through her purse to find her keys great product!"
- Nikita J

"My keys were always getting lost in the abyss of my purse. Now, my keys are always there. They're always close."
- Julia H

"I have a diaper bag and my purse my keys get dropped in both. With the Snapback, I don't waste time looking for my keys, I always know where they are."
- Teresa V

Watch How Easy It Is

Get where you need to go safely by keeping keys close by at all times, so they aren't dropped, lost or stolen.


Purchase Worry Free

The SnapBack is more than a cute retractable keychain, it's made to outlast almost anything else you buy.

We are so dedicated to ensuring our customer's love our products we do crazy things like constantly test them to ensure they will surpass 1-Million uses. It's integral to our core purpose, to Ensure Everyday People Live Safer More Confident Lives.

We back up our promise for years of worry free use. If your product ever breaks, we take care of it. Your SnapBack is "Backed" by our Lifetime Service Policy. This lifelong commitment is just another way to ensuring we always WOW our customers.

Switching Between Purses, Bags and Strollers Is Easy

No purse, no problem! Easily clips to wallets, strollers, belts, even gym water bottles.

Switch between purses, bags and bottles without the worry of chipping manicured nails.

More Then A Cute Keychain

The Snapback comes with a charm ring for mementos and everything else that sparks joy, an essentials ring for keys and items you always need within arms reach, a 24" long cut resistant cord, and a clasp that is easy to use without the worry of chipping your manicured nails.

The SnapBack retractable keychain