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4-26-18 Update - Launch Status of ISEA 121 for Dropped Object Prevention Solutions
Thanks everyone who gave the ISEA committee comments back on standard 121.  The committee is wrapping up our responses to those who reviewed and shared with us their questions and requests. 
Update on ISEA 121 Standard: 5-10-18
The ISEA 121 standard has gone back for a final round of public comment.  Public comment is due to close by June 8th so you don't have long if you want to be part of this groundbreaking new safety standard.  Ensure...
What is the Number 1 Reason to Demand Your Tool Tether be Dynamic Drop Proven?
Why is dynamic drop testing important when it comes to tool safety?  When the ISEA 121 committee on Dropped Object Prevention began working on the new standard, they made a keystone decision to require dynamic drop testing to prove any and all DOP solutions instead of the traditional static testing.  But why is this important?  How does this make us safer and what is dynamic drop testing anyway?  Let’s see if we can shine a light on some of these questions.