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New York Times calls KEY-BAK a classic

The New York Times Fashion & Style section recently published an article on the key chain as the newest in men's accessories. "It’s a handsome, masculine accessory that looks cool whether you’re a punk rocker or a guy who just wants a little attitude. And it looks good whether you’re wearing it with jeans or tweed trousers," said Madeline Weeks, the fashion director of GQ. KEY-BAK is cited in the article as a product line for those "blessed with an embarrassment of keys". Called "trusty" and "classic", we are pleased to be considered the standard in an emerging trend.  - Read More

Enter to win a $50 American Express gift card

KEY-BAK is so interested in hearing from its customers that we set up a survey to learn about you and how you use your KEY-BAK. The survey takes less than 5 minutes and is easy to complete. And to show how much we appreciate our customers, we convinced the boss to hold a monthly drawing for those who complete the survey -- and the winner will receive a $50 American Express Gift Card. Please take the survey and enter to win.  - Read More

Keep your keys safe from peeping

Nearly everyone owns a smart phone these days and within them are digital cameras that get more powerful and precise with each new version. This photo technology creates an opportunity for the emerging illegal activity known as digital theft or "peeping". Peeping is the act of illegally duplicating a key from an image taken by a cell phone or camera. After the image is taken, the photo is used as a template to cut and illegally duplicate a key. For the most skilled and crafty thieves, a photo isn't even required. They can replicate a key merely by viewing it..  - Read More

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